31.3.2021 – 20:50z

Parallel 42 Introduces Game Modes in The Skypark

Edson Soriano, the Managing Director of Parallel 42, has recently blogged on their own site to introduce a new feature to their ever-popular The Skypark.

Game Modes bring a new level of interaction with the activity and work creation app known as The Skypark. Ordinarily, pilots would choose contracts to fly, whether that be transporting computer parts to Germany or oil canisters to Budapest. However, Game Modes allow for some reward for all the pilot’s activity and come in two modes: Discovery and Endeavor.

Discovery is for the more laid-back pilot who is not concerned too much with finances or reliability levels. According to Soriano, this mode is more suited to Content Creators who like to share contracts with a wider audience.

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Endeavor Mode, however, is where the real rewards lie. In this mode, as Soriano puts it, there will be a challenging and rewarding gamification of Flight Simulation. All money earned through contracts, though entirely virtual, will play some part in what content comes available in the future. In other words, Endeavor Mode will bring purpose.

Both modes will be accessible after reaching level 3, and through the settings app under gameplay.

The Skypark is available through Orbx Direct, priced at EUR 27.20.

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