Parallel 42 Releases FreedomFox for MSFS

Primarily known for their Immersion packages for various Prepar3D addons, Parallel 42 has recently announced, and later released, their rendition of the famous #FreedomFox of Trent Palmer, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ed from Parallel 42 explained, that Trent Palmer, a known aviation YouTuber, opened his eyes to a way of flying that captures the freedom you expect in the sky. It is the first time a company has decided to develop an aircraft alongside a public figure like Trent.

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Of course, it couldn’t be right if the developers wouldn’t cooperate with Trent Palmer and his team on this addon. And to the surprise of many, Parallel 42 took this to a whole new level when finalizing the product with Trent’s approval on realistic behaviour and signature on the dash.

Additionally, the addon does not come only with an accurate GotTravel STOL flight model and realistic systems, but also a familiar OneWheel stored under the right wing. There is also deployable camping gear as well accurately modelled Berlinger Aero wheels and brakes.

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If you are a flight simmer not interested specifically in the #FreedomFox, but rather would like to fly the original Series 5 Kitfox STi, you don’t have to worry as the developers have also included that in the addon.

As no addon is perfect on the initial release, the developers have already confirmed big plans for the future. They consist of bringing interactive checklists, additional sound engineering, and various new 3D details as well as reworked ambient lighting from displays.

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The addon can be purchased solely through the Orbx website or Orbx Central for $42 AUD, or about €26.80 with taxes excluded.

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