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Parallel 42 Reveals 777 Immersion Package

The recent teaser by Parallel 42 showcased that the team is working on a 777 Immersion Package add-on for their SimFX utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Earlier today, the website describing this Immersion Package more has been published, with new previews, pricing and release date.

As mentioned, Parallel 42’s 777 Immersion is an add-on to their already released SimFX utility package, which changes the effects environment in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first Immersion Package add-on was released for the Airbus A320 series, and the developer now continues with the Boeing 777, as PMDG released their iteration of this aircraft a week ago.

Parallel 42 confirmed that the Immersion Package is going to work with PMDG 777 aircraft immediately on release, though, support for other add-ons of the 777 airframe will come soon. This namely influences those who bought the CaptainSim 777, as that is also going to be compatible.

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As with the A320 Immersion Package, the team individually crafts the effects for each airframe and add-on, making the experience as realistic looking as possible.

In total, there are 18 custom effects in the 777 Immersion Package. This includes improved APU heat blur, brake dust, cloud effects, improved contrails, engine condensation, wing vortex, waste water drain or cold engine start.

If you also need to dump your fuel during the flight, this effect is also simulated, and so is cloud illumination if you have your landing lights on and pass through a layer of clouds.

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Breaking too hard will result in overheated brakes, resulting in a hot brake smoke effect. This effect will also change its intensity based on how hot the brakes are. During takeoff, carbon brake dust will also be dispersed into the air as the landing gear is getting retracted. This dust accumulates on the landing gear when the aircraft is slowing down on the ground.

At the moment, though, the heat blur of engines and APU, as well as the St. Elmo’s Fire. This is because PMDG is using custom effects for the heat blur, and St. Elmo’s fire can’t be implemented due to the aircraft geometry.

The Parallel 42’s 777 Immersion Package is going to be available on the 12th of July for €16.95 via their website.

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