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Parallel 42 Shows New Immersion Package for A320

Parallel 42 now continues with bringing their visual effects skills to the latest flight simulator platform. This time, they will bring us an extension to the SimFX package, improving the visual effects of all major A320 models available in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Parallel 42 mentions on their website that the A320 Immersion is going to be an “All-in-one A320 Effects Package”. This means that major add-ons, like Fenix, FlyByWire and LatinVFR will be compatible with this package. This also applies to both default A320 NEOs. The effects are individually customised for each model.

A320 Immersion Package Enhanced Effects

The Immersion Package promises to improve the contrails with their advanced technology, creating swirling contrails in high altitudes. Not only will hot air condensate, but also the aircraft itself under the right condition, creating flap, wing or engine vortices.

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During lower temperatures, the engine will exhaust vapour into cold air. Furthermore, the disposal of toilet water from the back of the aircraft will also be visible, approximately once an hour.

The most impressive visual effect visible from the cockpit has to be the St-Elmo’s fire, which is visible during severe thunderstorms. This effect creates a lightning strike on the windshield of the cockpit.

The external model will also suffer smoke from hot brakes and water droplets dropping down from the wings and the fuselage under the right conditions.

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Speaking of the compatibility of the mentioned effects, all of them will work with FlyByWire, both default A320 NEOs and Fenix. However, the LatinVFR aircraft will miss engine vortices, hot brakes smoke and St-Elmo’s fire, as the aircraft geometry does not allow Parallel 42 to implement these effects.

While there is a lot of effects, the developer promises that the effect on performance will be minimal. This first immersion package will be available on the 21st of June this year for € 9.99 excluding taxes through Parallel 42’s website. We should also mention that for this Immersion Package to work, you will have to own Parallel 42’s SimFX.

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