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Parallel 42 Shows SimFX and Its Exclusive Previews

Edson from Parallel 42 has recently teased an effects package for Microsoft Flight Simulator on the default Boeing 747. After a moment of silence, the developer officially shows that this package will be called SimFX, which will enhance visual effects on the global level.

Edson confirmed for us that Parallel 42’s SimFX is going to be a global visual effects add-on for the Asobo’s simulator. It will also work as a base for the coming individual Immersion Packs. Over the course of the past three days, Edson shared three different images showing SimFX in action with propelled aircraft. This includes a DC-6 and a helicopter hovering over ground and over water.

Going down the details, the rotor wash effect on the helicopter is going to influence the surroundings with SimFX, as over dusty ground it is going to whirl dust and dirt all around, while over water, it is going to create waves and a cloud of water particles around the helicopter.

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Through the exclusive article at FSElite, Edson also shared an Excel sheet showing which aircraft are going to be compatible and how the effects will work on 3rd party aircraft add-ons like PMDG 737 or Fenix A320. The sheet shows that contrails will be enhanced only if default effects exist in both default aircraft, the community aircraft and Marketplace add-ons. This logic will also apply to wheel contact effects, landing tyre smoke and heat blur.

Most aircraft will leave skid marks behind, and all add-on and default aircraft will receive new effects of ground effect wash, engine smoke, thrust wash, the mentioned rotor wash and even auroras. The auroras are going to be global and simulated in real time.

Lastly, Edson exclusively shared with us two new previews of the SimFX in function with FSLTL AI traffic. The two images show contrails of these AI aircraft over Washington D.C. Both these previews and the Excel sheet confirm that the effects are going to be compatible with multiplayer traffic as well.

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Parallel 42 hasn’t yet confirmed the possible release date, nor the official feature list of this upcoming add-on was published. The SimFX add-on is still deeply in development and everything is subject to change.

Source: Parallel 42 Discord.

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