27.2.2023 – 19:45z

Parallel 42 Updates FreedomFox

The team at Parallel 42 has recently taken to their Twitter profile to announce an update for their renditions of the FreedomFox and the Fox 2. The biggest two changes have been showcased in a video posted on the studio’s Youtube channel.

The most significant change is probably the new study-level suspensions. According to the developers, the user can now feel what it’s like to taxi in a bush plane with big bad tires. Furthermore, the developers have added a car horn to all variants that can be heard in multiplayer.

In addition, Parallel 42’s FreedomFox and Fox 2 are now compatible with GTN 750s from PMS and TDS. Besides that, to give the user an even more extensive feeling of immersion, the team has added immersion effects for full-power situations. For example, when flying in the backcountry, the user could experience a massive dust cloud.

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The FreedomFox is an aircraft designed and built by Trent Palmer, a popular YouTube content creator who specializes in aviation videos. It can operate in rough terrain and backcountry environments. The aircraft has gained a considerable following among Palmer’s fans.

If you wish to purchase this add-on, you can do so through the Orbx store for 26€. To learn more about Parallel 42, I suggest you have a look at Darun’s article here.

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