PESIM Announces Study-Level Maule M7 for MSFS

Pilot Experience Sim, abbreviated PESIM, announced earlier this month that they are working on a study-level Maule M7-235 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has spent the last few months working hard on the model and various animations, leaving nothing to chance.

In a press release sent to FSNews, the CEO of PESIM, Kem, explains that each part was designed like its real counterpart, taking reference from the manufacturer. The slightest cable or moving element is reproduced and animated, Kem further detailed.

For complete immersion and a good bush flying experience, the team also implemented functional breakers, an accurate flight model, and an accurately simulated fuel system or electrical circuits. Kem further commented that the aircraft will feature custom sounds, some of which will be recorded from the real aircraft.

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According to Pilot Experience Sim, the aircraft interior is finished and being checked whilst the exterior will be finished very soon. The team hopes to release the Maule for MSFS in February 2023 with no price set yet.

Maule M7 is a high-wing sing-engine light aircraft. The aircraft has a wide range of variations and can even be equipped with floats. It can carry up to four passengers, including the pilot, and cruises at 128 knots. With a stall speed of only 43 knots, the aircraft is nowadays frequently used by bush pilots.

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