25.11.2023 – 08:58z

PESIM Releases Montpellier v2 for MSFS

PESIM, also known as Pilot Experience Sim has released a new version of their iteration of Montpellier Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Through their Facebook page, the team announced a new version of this airport, bringing many changes to the scenery and improving the overall immersion for any virtual pilot who owns it.

About the Airport

Montpellier Airport (LFMT) is an international airport serving the city of Montpellier in Southern France. It is also known as Méditerranée Airport or Fréjorgues Airport. The airport opened in 1946 and it is the tenth busiest airport in the country.

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The airport is also home to French Civil Aviation University. It is equipped with two asphalt runways 12L/30R and 12R/30L, whilst the main one is 12L/30R at the length of 2 600 metres.

Montpellier Airport offers a wide range of destinations to fly to across Europe and Africa, surely satisfying many virtual pilots. You can fly to Algiers, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Athens as well as Ajaccio, Frankfurt or London.

PESIM’s Montpellier v2 Update

The update to the scenery introduces many modern features, such as custom animated jetways, 3D people in the terminal and on the apron, updated night textures and PBR. More library objects also appeared, making the surrounding area of the airport even more varied.

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Tower now has received a new 3D model, together with a 3D interior. Custom fuel vehicles and airport shuttles also made their presence in this version.

The update is available for everyone who already owned the scenery via PESIM Central, but before you launch the simulator, you need to delete a folder in the scenery, called “pilotexperiencesim-lfmt_CVT_”. The team explains that this folder was automatically generated by the simulator, but is no longer needed or useful.

PESIM also created a custom GSX Preset for this Montpellier Airport scenery, which you can find on their website.

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If you don’t own this scenery yet, you can purchase it via Simmarket for €18.00. To learn more about this developer, you can also read our article about their Maule M7 Aircraft which they released for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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