Philip Ubbem Releases SA 315B Lama Helicopter for X-Plane

In cooperation with Khamsin Studio, Philip Ubbem has recently released a new helicopter rendition for X-Plane 11. This time bringing the SA 315B Lama to the simulator, the helicopter was originally designed for the Indian Air Force to be used in conditions that are present in the Himalayas mountains region.

The addon from Philip Ubbem and Khamsin Studio offers a highly detailed 3D model of the helicopter with PBR and accurate textures for the best immersion while in the skies. Additionally, custom FMOD sounds are present in the addon together with Avitab integration.

Of course, as one would expect from addons nowadays, the developers promise accurate flight dynamics in the feature list as well as good performance or VR compatibility. The complete feature list can be found below in the article.

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The helicopter can be purchased through the Store for a price of $32.95 or €28, and while we are no helicopter experts here, Stephen from XPlaneReviews wrote a nice review of the addon just earlier this week, in case you would like to learn more about it.

Feature list

  • High detail 3D-model and textures by khamsin studio
  • PBR textures
  • Completely animated rotor head and blade flex
  • Including Geforce plugin by Dreamfoil Helicopters
  • High quality physics driven FMOD sound
  • Very accurate flight model (including Autorotation) up to MTOW of 1950 kg tested and approved by real SA 315B pilots
  • Three documents (flight manual, cockpit layout and FAQ) in three different languages (EN, FR and DE)
  • individual user setup friendly:
  • Uses only default joystick axes (throttle, collective, pitch, roll and yaw)
  • All custom commands access able via default X-Plane menu
  • Complete recreation of real power management including:
  • Real startup and shutdown procedures
  • Real centrifugal clutch management
  • Real turbine RPM-limiter
  • Real safety microswitches
  • Real usability of Collins-Pitch-Indicator
  • Hide able 3D-tablet including:
  • Custom weight-and-balance menu
  • Attach or detach external parts
  • Toggle able glass reflections
  • Toggle able custom downwash effect
  • Avitab integration
  • Toggle able power management helper bug
  • Let the groundcrew turn one blade up front for you
  • Three different strobe light effects for different liveries
  • Livery depending IAS gauge in km/h or KTS
  • Working slungload scale
  • VR compatible
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Very FPS friendly (comparable to default analog gauges C172)

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