9.10.2020 – 06:39z

Pilot Experience Sim updates Saint-Tropez for MSFS to V1.01

Scenery developer Pilot Experience Sim took to Facebook today to announce an update for their Saint-Tropez (LFTZ) scenery package for MSFS.

The update includes a fix to an elevation issue with the airports hut, the deletion of a gate to avoid aircraft conflict, and the addition of a missing fence to the car park.

Saint-Tropez for MSFS is able to be purchased here for €11.

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The update is able to be downloaded from PESIM central for existing owners or by downloading the files from the store.

Saint-Tropez, a small general aviation airport located in southeast France, is unique for being a dangerous airport to fly in and out of due to the surrounding mountains, the airport is closed at night due to the lack of runway lights. Pilots must have a special qualification to depart/arrive from the airport.


  • Fixed small elevation issue with entry hut
  • Deleted instead of close the gate where Falcon 1000 is parked to avoid prevent conflicts with IA
  • Added car parking missing fences

Source: Pilot Experience Sim Facebook.

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