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Pilot Plus Wycombe Air Park for MSFS Coming Soon

Pilot Plus has today came to their oficcial website to share new information about the Wycombe Air Park scenery development together with new set of previews directly from the Microsoft Flight Simulator. A feature list has also been included in the post for the first time.

Based on that, the scenery should feature full PBR implementation on the ground, buildings, and apron assets. Further more, hand-painted environment should be included together with hand coloured aerial imagery and VFR landmarks around the area.

The scenery is now on short final meaning, that it’s very close to being released. The scenery is not just converted from Prepar3D or X-Plane 11, but developed to take advantages of the new simulator.

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Pricing details have also been announced. When released, the scenery will be available first through Orbx for approximately €11.67. We can also expect it to be released on the Microsoft Marketplace later with a very similar price tag of €10.53. The price difference can be caused by the conversion rate.

Dynamic rain on the control tower has been previewed in a short YouTube video that can be watched below.

The Wycombe Air Park control tower features dynamic rain effects, creating a truly authentic experience. Set the weather to rain or storms to witness this realistic effect.

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Pilot Plus website

Wycombe Air Park sits on the edge of London and is home to a bustling aviation community. Set in the classic British countryside, Wycombe is a popular airfield for general aviation pilots and training helicopter pilots alike.


  • A unique and charming countryside atmosphere with highly detailed 3D modelling
  • Full PBR Air park, including apron assets, buildings and ground
  • Dynamic rain on the control tower glass
  • Highly detailed hand painted environment (5cm per pixel)
  • Hand coloured aerial imagery covering the airfield and surroundings (up to 12.5cm per pixel)
  • Includes local VFR landmarks used when flying (Stadium, Golden Ball Church, Stokenchurch mast etc..)

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