PILOT’S and SimWorks Studios Announces Dash 7 for MSFS

Popping up, PILOT’S have taken to their Facebook page to announce the development of their rendition of a De Havilland Canada Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development is done in cooperation with SimWorks Studios known primarily for their Kodiak 100 rendition.

The development is still in the very early stages, hence the release is most likely not scheduled for the foreseeable future. The previews are showcasing only the aircraft exterior model without textures applied just yet.

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SimWorks Studios are taking care of the 3D model, various animations, systems, and flight dynamics. To what degree is PILOT’S included in this development wasn’t stated and is not clear from the initial announcement posts.

The developers have confirmed, that they will aim to make the addon accessible for newcomers while also offering an authentic experience to proficient flight simmers.

While from the titles it might appear like a Dash 8 and Dash 7 are very close to each other, the opposite is true. The De Havilland Canada Dash 7 is a short-range STOL aircraft equipped with four turboprop engines. The aircraft was later replaced by a Dash 8 offering better conditions for airlines and companies. Over 100 aircraft of this type were manufactured before, and about only 15 are now still operating.

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The aircraft will come in handy with Aerosoft’s Antarctica scenery as that is one of the few regions where is the aircraft is still operational. Apart from that, the aircraft is primarily flying around Canada.

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