PILOT’S Previews Santiago de Compostela in MSFS2020

A new set of screenshots, this time showcasing Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST), has been shared at the PILOT’S Facebook page. This is already the second time PILOT’S has previewed scenery in MSFS2020. For the first time, it was Alicante Airport.

All four screenshots can be seen below. It was mentioned, that when released, the scenery will feature fully reflective glass with PBR implementation. Screenshots below are showcasing the current state of the scenery and might not represent the final product.

The release date of the scenery is yet unknown. The same goes for the pricing details and if there is going to be an upgrade fee available for current owners of the scenery for Prepar3D.

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Santiago de Compostela Airport (LEST) is a rather small airport located in the southwest of Spain. It serves routes to Ireland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, or Italy, for example. In 2019, almost 3 million passengers visited the airport.

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