PILOT’S Releases Lynchburg for MSFS

The team at PILOT’S recently took to their Facebook page to announce the release of their latest addon scenery of Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The addon is built from the ground up for Microsoft Flight Simulator; hence, it is not a conversion from any other platform.

Using the custom-crafted mesh, the developers accurately represented the terrain elevations for the airport and its surroundings. Furthermore, the scenery features dynamic objects, that appear and disappear based on the current time in the simulator, thus allowing the virtual pilots to have an immersive experience in an ever-changing airport environment. 

Not to be afraid of flying on an online network, PILOT’S have ensured to represent an up-to-date airport layout from 2022.

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For those unfamiliar with the airport, Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) is a small public-use airport in Virginia, United States. The airport sees only one regular passenger flight operated by American Eagle to Charlotte in North Carolina.

You can get a copy of this scenery from the MSFS Marketplace for only $14.99.

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