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PMDG’s Updates: EFB Coming for 737 While 777 Faces Delays

Robert Randazzo has just shared a forum post where he reveals details about the upcoming EFB release for their Boeing 737 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Furthermore, they are sharing the most recent information about their other MSFS add-ons.

Universal Flight Tablet (EFB)

More than a year later than promised, the Universal Flight Tablet is finally making its way to the 737 series. They’ve set a release date and are preparing for the update cycle. Also, we can expect preview materials to drop soon, along with advance notice of the release date. The Universal Flight Tablet will be available as a free micro-update, however, for MS Marketplace users, there’s a slight delay of approximately 2 to 3 weeks as the update goes through the MS Marketplace intake process. While this timeline aligns with their usual process, it’s important to note that it’s not set in stone.

PMDG 777 for MSFS

Although the developers initially aimed to start beta testing in September, some challenges, including team illnesses and family emergencies, led to delays. However, they are confident that the 777 add-on for MSFS will be worth the wait, promising unmatched handling characteristics and a true high-fidelity long-haul experience.

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737 Updates

Updates for the PMDG 737 series are on hold as they prepare to integrate the tablet. For MS Marketplace users, there have been delays in the intake process, but PMDG hopes to get things rolling again soon.

DC-6 Updates

They’re addressing occasional reports of the DC-6 not adhering to gyropilot tracking. Collaborative efforts are underway with Working Title, and they’re testing a solution to ensure a smoother flying experience. This particular problem has been a top concern raised by the community almost since the add-on’s release. Without a doubt, DC-6 enthusiasts will be thrilled to soon experience the aircraft at its absolute best.

As you eagerly anticipate these thrilling updates, take a moment to explore our extensive coverage of PMDG’s previously released add-ons right here.

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