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PMDG 777 Enters Beta, Development Update Published

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo shared some new information about the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Furthermore, there is some new information about the Universal Flight Tablet, Marketplace and Xbox.

About the Universal Flight Tablet

The update currently available should’ve been the final update of 2023. However, it was decided that one more update is coming next week.

This update is going to include a few fixes to the Navigraph map-type choice should utilize built-in airport data for OPT. It is also going to include new menu data for the 777 in performance calculations.

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Marketplace and Xbox Updates

The team goes on testing and troubleshooting tools that the PMDG team needs to collect sufficient data for the C++/WASM communications layer to get the Tablet working on Xbox.

Unfortunately, Robert says that it seems unlikely for them to succeed in getting attention to this topic unless they can prove that the com layer is behaving differently on different hardware platforms.

The 777 Enters Beta

Lastly, Randazzo mentions that the long-awaited Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator enters beta testing. Unfortunately, there are no coming previews yet. Soon, though, the team wants to share the first image with the community. Despite that, the team shared one image of the first-class cabin in the aeroplane already.

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During the weeks ahead, the team aims to start showing off small pieces of the product.

Robert goes on to mention that the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator hugely benefits from the know-how the team obtained during the development of the DC-6 and the 737 series. All of that helps the development to progress very fast.

Whilst the plane is already in beta testing and being tested during normal operations flight, it is not yet certain when the first pre-release versions might come out, or possibly what the release date is. Keep in mind that the 777 is still a deep work in progress and a lot of things might change during the coming weeks.

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If you would like to learn more about the Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, read the previous post about the very first preview here.

Source: PMDG Forums.

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