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PMDG 777 for MSFS Hydraulics, Gear and EFB Showcase

PMDG has shared new previews of the hydraulics, gears, and the EFB (UFB) for their upcoming Boeing 777 rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have also shared a brand new trailer for the aircraft through their YouTube channel, showcasing what we can be excited about. We’ve spread screenshots from that trailer across this article.

Hydraulics and Gear Previews

The PMDG 777 will have all three hydraulic systems fully simulated and linked to the correct power sources. The developers ensured that every main aspect of the hydraulic system could fail if operated incorrectly. PMDG has created quite an in-depth simulation of the Boeing 777 based on what has been shared so far. Evidence for that is, for example, that the pumps will take realistic times to come online and then drop offline.

Further demonstrating the depth of the hydraulic fluid simulation, PMDG has ensured the entire system and its parts can overheat. Overheating can occur if you violate pump operating limitations, which will cause the drain fluid to overheat. If the overheating lights go out, you may be unable to activate the Electric Motor-Driven Pumps until the system cools down, which can take from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the conditions.

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Several factors can also affect the hydraulic quantity indication, including gears, flaps, spoilers, flight control positioning, and thermal shrinking. Changes in this will be noticeable during flight as you change the configuration, like setting the flaps. Just like in the real aircraft.

Landing Gear Previews

To demonstrate that the developers actually paid a lot of attention to the aircraft’s wheels, the PMDG 777 will show a wheel well fire warning if the landing gear is retracted with hot brakes, for example. Don’t be afraid, though, as you can follow the electronic checklists, which are also included in the addon, to sort out the warning.

PMDG have also simulated the alternate gear extension. They noted that we’d be able to notice that the landing gear doors remain open during the alternate extension, just like how they behave on the real aircraft, unlike in normal operations where they close.

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PMDG 777 Gear

The gears’ sounds are dynamic, which means that during an alternate extension, the turbulence noise will be louder on the flight deck than normal due to the gear doors being open and the other way around. This will also apply to regular operations, not just during an emergency gear extension.

Another feature the team mentioned as “notable” is that, mimicking real life, if the front gear steers over 10 degrees, the main gear’s rear two wheels steer to minimize stress.

Landing gear trucks have been fully modelled, including the 777’s unique cantilever function. This function locks the truck in place during takeoff, giving additional tail clearance during rotation. A fully functioning tail strike prevention and detection system with an animated tail skid has been included. The landing gear also features its own shadow mask so that the beacon light, located nearby, can cast the correct shadow. According to PMDG, this isn’t a very common feature across addons for MSFS.

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Brakes and Tires

According to the developers, they have spent a lot of effort on the PMDG 777’s wheels, tyres, and brakes. In fact, it’s one of the highlights of this project. So take a walk around the PMDG 777 and find the brake pins. These will show you the wear and tear of the disk brake lining. Brake dust accumulates over time, making your rims progressively dirtier after each landing.

When the tyres are changed, the entire wheel hub and tyre are changed as well. You will notice this when you change the tyres. However, brakes are changed separately. Tyre wear will accumulate during landing, takeoff, taxi, and heavy braking, which all contribute to wear and tear over time.

Heavy braking will result in the brake temperature rising for some time. When the brake disks are hot, you can see them glow. A look at the glow colour will indicate how hot they are. Cooling rates will depend on many factors, from ambient temperature to airflow. So, taxing will allow the front brakes to cool faster than the afterward brakes as they get more air.

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An anti-skid system has also been modelled in the simulator. Parking brakes will only lock into place when you press the brakes down fully. This allows the parking brake to switch to its latched position.

Universal Flight Tablet (UFB)

According to Mathijs Kok’s latest forum post, the aircraft’s EFB will have four placement options. This is a reply to feedback from the community.

The EFB will then feature a map page highlighting the complete route with waypoints, which is colour-coded for each stage of the flight. With this, PMDG aims to provide you with good information on your flight progress despite not having a Navigraph Charts account. You will even be able to see the verticle profile of your flight.

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Another aspect of the EFB are the ground connections and ground handling services. The PMDG 777 comes with custom vehicles to service the aircraft. Through the EFB, you will be able to control them and open necessary doors so they can do their jobs properly.

Further, the EFB will feature a performance calculator and automatic ground operation turn around system. In other words, the PMDG 777 will automatically trigger ground services related to a typical turn around, when you land somewhere and fly again right away.

There will also be a ground maintenance page that allows you to maintain the aircraft properly to prevent failures.

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This is the end of the newest previews shared on the upcoming PMDG 777. However, it is mentioned that the cabin and lighting options will be showcased next. As of the 19th of June, PMDG has released the official trailer for the 777-300ER. A price has yet to be announced.

Read up on previous development updates on the 777 here. You can keep up to date on more PMDG 777 news and other flight simulator-related news, here on FSNews.

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