PMDG Again Delays 737-600 for MSFS, Details EFB

In a development update on their forums, Robert Randazzo of PMDG has detailed a new update for the available 737-700 rendition, updated the community on the 737-600 status, the much-anticipated EFB, and what are their plans for Prepar3D.

In this article, we’ll focus on the latest unfortunate delay of the 737-600 along with some details of the longed-for EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).

737-600 Delay

PMDG released their first 737 variant, the 737-700, in early May 2022. The team intended to release the second variant, the 737-600, just a month later. Unfortunately, since it is already late July and the addon is still nowhere in sight, it is unmistakable that the release has been delayed.

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Robert, in the latest forum post, details that the delay is caused by works on the new Lateral Flight Path model. He continues to say, that the team is about to be finished. Once it is ready, the 737-600 will ship at the same time as a new update for the 737-700, which will include the previously mentioned new flight path model.

It is unclear how this will affect the 737-800 release. Since the 737-800 release for MSFS was planned for August 2022, but after the 737-600 release, it may happen that it will also be delayed.

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Upcoming EFB

On a better note, Robert has also mentioned that the team is currently testing a new EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) that will hopefully soon be present in the flight deck.

From what Robert said, the EFB will allow simmers to integrate it with Navigraph Charts and Simbrief. Apart from that, Robert specified that many of the features already modelled in their previous EFBs are going to make their debut in MSFS once the tablet is ready for operational use.

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Until we know more, you can read our first impressions on the 737-700 for MSFS.

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