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PMDG Details Issues with Asobo and Previews 737NG3

Last week, Robert Randazzo has taken to the PMDG forums to welcome everyone to 2022 and share some details of what can we expect this year as well as to share a new preview of their much-anticipated 737NG rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. He also then further detailed the lack of communication from Asobo.

737NG3 Preview

The new preview showcases the 737-700 variant on the runway at Reno Airport (KRNO) with a nearby mountain range ahead. Robert has explained, that there is no better place to test the EGPWS functionality.

Issues with ASobo

While the release date remains unknown, Robert has, in reply to one of the forum members, detailed new complications they came across. He has stated, that there is one major issue with the aircraft preventing the team to progress as initially expected.

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Robert further claimed to have requested more information from Asobo nearly 100 days ago and yet no replies. He further wrote:

We have one, major issue that is preventing us from making the kind of forward progress we should be making. Short of lighting myself on fire and running naked through Aosobo’s office, I just don’t know how else to get them to answer us in a manner that is helpful. (..) Who knows how long we will wind up waiting. It is incredibly frustrating, demoralizing and has had a significant negative impact on our enthusiasm.

Robert Randazzo – PMDG Forums

Other PMDG’s Projects

Robert has also detailed their intentions with their Prepar3D product range. While many developers abandoned the platform in spite of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG stays loyal.

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We can expect a “pretty significant” update for the 747 product line to come this year. It should bring changes to VNAV and the flight director, to name a few.

Rober also detailed issues the team had with livery handling for MSFS implementation to the Operations Center.

We made the cardinal mistake of thinking, “how hard can it be?” After all, we have done this for a decade across multiple platforms, and Asobo has clearly invested time and energy into unifying MSFS in order to ensure that a single process works for all cases and across all platforms. Except for liveries. Yeah. Except for that.

Robert Randazzo – PMDG Forums

MSFS as a platform

At last, Robert has however noted that MSFS makes a great platform for their work, even though the development progresses much slower than “molasses being poured of a jar on a January night on the ramp at KMSP“.

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The recent takedown of the Xbox version of the DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator might make the situation look different, however. If you want to read more about that, you can do so in our other article here.

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