PMDG Further Details 777 Update and 200ER Expansion (P3D)

Robert Randazzo has shared some more information together with previews of the upcoming update and of the 200ER expansion for the already existing 777 rendition. As usual, it was shared through their forums.

In the first part of the post, Randazzo talks about the update itself, which will be released together with the 200ER expansion. Most of the hard work on the aircraft is now completed and they are currently looking for a release date within 17th to 24th of February. The update for the base and 300ER will be for free for all current customers who bought 777, however, the 200ER package will be paid. It has not been stated how much it will be.

The free update of 777 will bring us many modern features that other Boeing products by PMDG already have. It will bring us new custom engine sounds, an EFB, a completely overhauled soundset with sound randomization, engine character capability, and improved overall sound quality. Also, we can expect turbulence vibrations in the cockpit, however, the complete cockpit model and texture overhaul will available in late 2021 and not in this update, as has been stated in the post. This update will also bring us the modern flight dynamics, which we can now find in 747 and in 737. Not to mention that PBR is also coming in this update.

This update won’t be however available for everybody. Users of older ESP platforms like Prepar3D v3 and FSX won’t be able to use this update, as they won’t be compatible anymore. Especially because of the 64-bit architecture and PBR used in this aircraft update.

In the second part of the post, Randazzo spoke about the 200ER package. The 200ER will be released with three engine variants of the classic GE, Pratt and Whitney engines along with Rolls Royce. It was mentioned that another beta update has been pushed to beta testers to test and there are going to be more beta versions throughout the weekend. There are also some previews shared of this aircraft expansion, which can be seen below.

Author: Patrik

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