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PMDG Gives Dev Update on 777, 737-900, and EFB

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has once again taken to their forums to give us a development update on various topics. He updated us on the entry of their 737 into the in-game marketplace, the development of the 737-900, and 777 as well as the progress of the PMDG Universal Flight Tablet.

Robert said their rendition of the 737-900 is being prepared for beta testing. They still have a couple of issues to sort out. Furthermore, he said his best guess for the release date is around mid-November. A number of factors, some related to the MAX, are slowing down the development of this variant.

Regarding the integration of the PMDG 737 into the MSFS in-game marketplace, he said that they want to have the add-on “done and tidy” before publishing it on the marketplace. According to him, it is the world’s largest market for simulation products. Robert wants to be sure the aircraft runs through initial testing of the tablet before handing it off to Microsoft.

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The developers have made significant progress on the development of PMDG’s rendition of the Boeing 777 for MSFS. Robert only said that the flight deck model for this addon is spectacular. The user will be able to experience the wear and tear and the imperfections of an average age 777.

The PMDG Flight Tablet will be included in the entire 737, 777 and 747 product line. This tablet will include several PMDG-centric applications many of which were included in the EFBs used in Prepar3D. Those include performance computations, analysis, weight/balance, etc. Besides that, the user will be able to connect to simBrief, use Navigraph, and manage the aircraft options/equipment/airplane services etc.

If you wish to learn more about PMDG and their current projects, I suggest you have a look at Patrik’s article here.

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