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PMDG Releases 737-700 for MSFS

Presumably the most popular add-on among many flight simmers, PMDG 737, has today been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release of PMDG 737 for MSFS has been highly anticipated by the community and now it is the first payware aircraft that brings modern IFR experience to the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The release has been announced through their forums and the aircraft is now available at the price tag of $69.99 and all users who bought the NGXu upon its release in November and December 2019 got a $99.99 credit, which they can use to buy the aircraft or even other add-ons of their choice.

It has been mentioned that the next aircraft PMDG is willing to bring to the newest simulator platform is going to be the 777, towards which all of the development will be shifted once the entire line-up of the 737 will be released.

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During the long process of bringing this aircraft to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator, PMDG went through many ups and downs. The constant updates of Microsoft Flight Simulator could make the developer’s life harder and the aircraft release has been delayed a few times.

As PMDG is a well-known high-quality aircraft developer, we could only expect precise features, that would perfectly imitate the PMDG’s 737 real-life counterpart. In this rendition, we can find accurate physics, detailed modelling with included cabin, fully programable FMC, and accurate fuel usage and handling.

Speaking of the external model features, the 737-700 variant offers a passenger variant with all three winglet types, a cargo variant, as well as a BBJ variant. There is also an eyebrow windows variant. Moreover, all pilots can customise the GPWS callouts, cockpit layout, number of seats and more to their liking.

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If you are interested in learning more about the PMDG’s work, you can check out the PMDG DC-6, that has been released approximately a year ago.

You can purchase the addon through the PMDG’s website for the previously mentioned price of $69.99 until the -600 variant is released. Upon the -600 release, the price will increase to $74.99.

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