PMDG Shares an MSFS-Focused Development Update

PMDG, a well-known aircraft developer responsible for their famous 737-NGXu, 777 and 747 series, has shared a development update about their plans of developing aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development update has been shared, as usual, through their forums by PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo.

In the first section, Randazzo noted that they don’t see developing aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator as a port-over process. This means that they are making the aircraft from scratch for this platform to take full advantage of the possibilities Microsoft Flight Simulator has.

The developer is planning to bring their entire 737, 777, 747 and DC-6 lines into Microsoft Flight Simulator, and this task has currently the highest priority of workflow. Because of this, they moved all the resources around the company.

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PMDG originally wanted to bring the 737 as their first aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator, however, they now know it won’t be the case mainly because of the issues they had to eliminate before starting the development of their glass cockpit airliners. The developer believes that the worst issues have already been eliminated, and now the only remaining work is mostly the development required to finish their products properly.

At this point, the developer feels like they can get all of their product lines to Microsoft Flight Simulator, and this process has already begun. Right now, the developer works on their rendition of 737 and DC-6 for this platform, and they noted that both of these series could be released this year. It has been further mentioned that the 777 flight deck is under development as well and there’s a remote possibility of releasing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator this year as well. The 747 will most probably release during the first half of 2022.

It has been mentioned that with the possibilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer can create an aircraft environment like never before, especially because of the dynamic, living world with incredible lighting model and magnificent atmospherics, as the developer said. This will allow them to bring us simulation like never before.

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In the second part of the development update, the developer mentioned their new YouTube Channel, where they’ll upload a variety of videos and tutorials of their airliners. Randazzo also promised some more tutorials and even previews of the 737 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. We will be able to see this content on their YouTube channel soon.

If you are interested in seeing more of the PMDG aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can check our other article.

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