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PMDG Shares April Fools Update with More 777 Previews

Robert Randazzo from PMDG has taken to the developer’s forums to inform us about the progress of the 777 and the 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In addition to that, we have received two new external preview images of the long-haul aircraft.

PMDG 737 Updates

A new update for the 737 series dropped on the direct PC version of the aircraft. You can now download version 3.00.0092 through the PMDG Operations Center v2 application. This is mostly a fixing update and does not bring any significant features to the aircraft, as the PMDG team is focusing all their resources on the 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This new update for the 737 is mostly a bug fix of the previous version. As the version that got to the customers was a rejected pre-release variant of the previous update.

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More Images of the 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Robert Randazzo has again shown his appreciation of landing gears in the first image, as he once again shared a close-up of the landing gear with the majestic GE90 engine. The second image, however, shows the whole 777 in its full beauty during take-off in the PMDG showcase livery.

Speaking of the development progress, the development team pushed a new build to the beta team. This, according to Robert, represents a big advancement in the readiness of the aeroplane. A significant time was put into polishing the aircraft, improving stability and efficiency. The texture team is also busy with adding finer details for the in-use aeroplane.

The flight deck will be based on a 12-year-old counterpart in service, this means that there will be moderate wear and tear in the cockpit. Some images from the flight deck will also be previewed soon according to this segment of the development update.

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Robert then proceeded to talk about some more details such as the warning lights found in the landing gear bay. Supposedly, they are modelled in all their glory.

Moreover, the beta testing team was recently busy with finding issues in the aircraft systems. These details are not yet ready for a public show-off, though.

Lastly, Robert said that the aircraft is very close to release. There are still a few things to polish and improve. Despite that, he will remain quiet on a lot of parts of the plane.

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If you would like to learn more about the Boeing 777-300ER for Microsoft Flight Simulator progress, read our previous coverage of one of PMDG’s development updates.

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