PMDG Addressing 737NG3 Complications

PMDG has shared a new development update regarding their products for both Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator. As usual, the developer shared their statement through PMDG forums.

Boeing 747 Queen of The Skies II

In the first section of the article, the developer talked about the PMDG 747 update. The 747 should get an update that will bring an overhaul of VNAV and flight directors very soon. The testing of this new feature update is, unfortunately, not progressing at a good pace. This is mainly due to the simultaneous development of the other aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, namely the 737 NG3, which may be released next year. Randazzo also added a small note, where he mentioned that this 747 update will not release for 32bit ESP platforms like Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D v3 and below. This is due to the fact the developer is no longer supporting 32bit platforms.

Updates for Prepar3D aircraft

In the second section of the article, mentioned that they are not working on any updates for their Prepar3D aircraft. This is influenced by having all the developers resources on the 737 NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

On the other hand, PMDG is planning to bring some updates for these aircraft as well. The updates should bring overhauls of LNAV, Navdata and flight director systems.

Future Prepar3D development

Some people are also worried about the future of Prepar3D development of PMDG. This has been addressed as well. Randazzo in the third section said that they are not looking forward to discontinuing all current Prepar3D projects at this moment. This is also affected by the fact that most of the testing is done on Prepar3D. Even Microsoft Flight Simulator products are being tested there first, according to the developer.

737 NG3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Speaking of the PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developer addressed some things regarding the release of this product. Robert mentioned that this is a complicated topic in this situation and this topic has been removed from the discussion. Robert said that they are not postponing the aircraft release. However, he decided that it is best if the community doesn’t receive any updates regarding the 737 NG3 release date.

Robert said that this has been done because of the various Microsoft Flight Simulator updates happening. Because of that, the development team has to rely on Asobo pushing out updates for the platform. Therefore, the development of this rendition is progressing slowly. At this moment, work on the EFB has begun and it is now in a very early stage. Despite that being said, good progress is being made on the other aspects of the aircraft. This applies mainly to the flight model, the aircraft model itself and its animations.

In addition, PMDG has shared a single preview of the 737 cockpit.

If you are looking for more 737 NG3 previews, you can check out our other article here.

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