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PMDG Updates on Development Progress

Robert Randazzo has again this weekend taken to the PMDG forums to share some news with the community regarding the current projects the team is working on. In this forum post, he spoke about their 777 for MSFS, the infamous EFB and livery packs for the Xbox releases of the 737 aeroplanes.

PMDG 777 for MSFS is Progressing Well

Some great news out of this development update that are definitely going to excite many Boeing 777 fans out there. Randazzo mentioned that the current development pace is going really well. This is namely because the team learned a lot from the development of the 737 series for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As of right now, the team is capable of testing all the systems and interfaces within the simulator engine. This assures that the first testing flights will take place very soon. Unfortunately, Robert didn’t want to share any preview screenshots of the long-haulier, as the 3D model of it is still profoundly work in progress.

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The Universal Flight Tablet Still Not in Beta

The PMDG Universal Flight Tablet, or, PMDG EFB as many refer to it, was supposed to be pushed to the beta team this week. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as there were a few more details that needed to be tamped down according to Randazzo. Luckily, the hand-off to the beta team should be done in the coming days.

PMDG 737 on Marketplace and Livery Packs

The Xbox community is going to be eager to hear that PMDG’s team is currently working with members of the flight simulator Xbox community to improve and “native-ize” the control methods of various switches and knobs in the aeroplane, making the controls more intuitive for Xbox and gamepad users.

Speaking of the livery packs, PMDG is currently working on one package, that they are about to send to the Marketplace. To improve the pace of everything, they are closely working with Microsoft to ensure that their effort isn’t taking the wrong direction. There is going to be more updates on PMDG’s livery packs on the Marketplace soon.

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If you would like to learn more about PMDG’s development, make sure to read our article about their late April development update.

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