ProjectFly V4 Early Access by Mettar Simulations Released

Today, Mettar Simulations released the early access of ProjectFly V4. The past 48 hours, ProjectFly’s servers have been down to prepare for the release. The servers are back online, and flight simmers around the world are enjoying the new version of ProjectFly. ProjectFly V3 is no longer supported, so feel free to delete it. There are some new pricing tiers as well, which can be shown below.

Pricing Tiers

  • Basic (free) —> No payment required
  • Supporter —> £1.99 per month
  • Pro —> £4.99 per month


  • Industry leading radar with a 60 second refresh rate
  • Flight path storage of 60 days
  • An In-depth Flight Logbook
  • A brand-new Scenery & Addon Manager for P3D & X-Plane
  • Achievements & new Passport Map
  • Statistics on your profile


  • All the Basic features
  • Industry leading radar with a 30 second refresh rate
  • Flight path storage of 365 days
  • Streamer Tools (with projectFLY branding)
  • Overlay customization
  • Brand new high-refresh rate Inflight Map
  • Brand new Statistics page


  • All the Basic + Supporter features
  • Industry leading radar with a 15 second refresh rate
  • Unlimited flight path storage
  • Streamer Tools (with custom image branding)
  • Further overlay customisation including custom font & colour(s)
  • An even more detailed Statistics page


  • Streamer Tools are back up and running!
  • You can connect your Twitch account!
  • Real-time notifications are working!
  • The network filters now work as intended on the Radar!
  • Redesigned Booking & Dispatching processes
  • Improved Discord Rich Presence
  • Global Fleet integration
  • Statistics page
  • New Fleet pages
  • Addon/scenery manager
  • Exporting logged flights for viewing in Google Earth
  • Improved landing event system
  • Re-imagined Passport
  • Radar Image Tool-tips
  • Improved Itinerary Builder (so you’re ready for those 4 sector days :D)
  • In-flight tracking map/in-flight pages with tools & improved scratchpad
  • Updated schedules

You can download the early access of ProjectFly V4 for X-Plane 11 and P3D today by visiting the Mettar Simulations website.

Author: Evan

Aviation has been my passion since I was just 7 years old. I took my first flight lesson at 8, and now have my PPL. A few years ago I joined the flight sim community, and I loved it! I am now a developer for X-Plane 11, and am apart of this amazing team.

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