Pyreegue Releases Boryspil Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue Dev Co have used the simMarket platform to release their latest scenery addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Boryspill Airport (UKBB) located in the Ukraine.

This scenery addon, based on up to date airport layouts, features PBR textures modelled in high quality, with custom ground textures showing markings and dirt. Over one hundred custom objects have been created, and terminal buildings include both interior and exterior views.

Other features include surrounding buildings, such as the Epitsentr Mall, the Ukraerorukh building, and the Boryspil Hotel, all with night lighting. A full list of all features is found below.

Boryspil Airport is available from simMarket, priced at EUR 17.27 (excl taxes).

One of Ukraine’s largest airports, Boryspil Airport serves the capital of Kyiv. 65% of Ukraine’s passenger numbers go through Boryspil, largely using international and intercontinental flights. The airport has two passenger terminals, one cargo terminal and one for VIPs.

Main Features

  • High-quality textures for all models
  • Custom Ground polygons with custom markings and dirt
  • Runway slope profiles according to latest AIP
  • ILS/VOR data according to latest AIP
  • 2020 layout
  • 100+ custom objects
  • Terminal D with full interior
  • Terminal F with full interior 
  • Surrounding buildings included (Epitsentr Mall, Ukraerorukh building, “Boryspil Hotel”, etc. – Custom night lighting 
  • PBR textures for every object
  • Optimized geometry and textures for best performance (5-10% FPS loss compared to default scenery) 
  •  Default ATC/Traffic integration
  •  Custom apron vehicles animation

Author: Ray

I have been an avid aviation enthusiast for about eight years since I first started using FSX. Apart from flying in the sims (now X-Plane 11 and MSFS) I enjoy reading about aviation through the many periodicals and books available. I live in South Yorkshire in the northern half of the UK.

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