Pyreegue to Release Belfast for MSFS This Weekend

The Ukrainian developer Pyreegue has shared new information through the Orbx Forums regarding his upcoming Belfast Airport (EGAA) scenery. He said that this scenery would release this upcoming weekend, either on the 6th or 7th of August.

Pyreegue is a developer responsible for a wide range of sceneries either for X-Plane 11 or Microsoft Flight Simulator. He is known for his release of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and some older releases such as Lviv and Tivat. He began as a small freeware developer, creating liveries and smaller sceneries for X-Plane 11. Currently, he publishes his work through Orbx.

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In the forum post, Pyreegue went through a full development description. The project started in December 2021 and since then it had many ups and downs. As previously mentioned, Pyreegue is a Ukrainian developer and this also played a big role, as the current situation also influenced the release date.

Lastly, he also shared some final previews of this upcoming rendition. In those, he shared both external and internal previews of this upcoming airport. The rendition seems to include static aircraft models, custom textures and airport models, as well as a 3D terminal interior with a ton of details. A ton of details can also be found on the outside, however. Pyreegue covered the airport with apron vehicles and a ton of cars in the parking spots.

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Unfortunately, he yet didn’t publish any information about the pricing or full feature list. To find those out, you will be able to read our future article about the scenery’s release.

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