Pyreegue Updates Edinburgh Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue has earlier this week introduced a new version of his scenery covering Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bringing it to v1.1.0, the update brings a lot of fixes and new features. Generally speaking, it is a major update to the scenery.

Initially released back in July earlier this year, Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) is the main international airport serving the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. It is also the sixth-busiest airport in the United Kingdom by passengers with annually almost 15 million of them visiting the airport. The airport sees traffic from all around the world.

The update features fixed glitches in the fencing area, replaced textures for the cargo apron to better represent the real area, a new Spitfire memorial due to a major accuracy problem with the previous model, or corrected labelings for stands 4A and 4.

Further, more static cars were added to the parking lots around the air traffic control tower to make the scenery feel more vibrant. Static double-decker busses were also added in front of the terminal entrance, including some tourist busses further down the parking lot.

Glass rain effects were also added to the terminal windows. As usual, the complete changelog can be found below.

If you want to purchase the scenery, you can do so through the Orbx website or Orbx Central application for €18.70 with taxes excluded. The update installation should be prompted automatically once you launch the Orbx Central app.


  • I’ve added new double-decker busses in front of the terminal entrance and also touring busses further down the parking lot. 
  • Spitfire memorial has been remodeled and retextured thanks to avsim users who pointed out that’s it’s not a battle unit but a model made of fiberglass.
  • Tree lines near the new terminal extension have been fixed and made lower.
  • Glitchy fencing near 24 threshold has been fixed
  • Tower lights now have greater draw distance so that you can see that majestic purple on your approach
  • Added more dirt to all aprons for a more “worn” look.
  • You can now Disable/Enable static jets
  • Quite a few cars were missing, so more were added near the ATC tower and FastPark areas.
  • You will now be greeted with static 3d scanned people inside the terminal.
  • For those who own UKOO and EGPH and experienced “shared” textures between the airports after SU5, this problem should be all gone now, textures have been renamed and re-exported.
  • Cargo apron now has darker pavement to closer match its real life counterpart
  • Added glass rain effects to terminal windows for those awesome rain mood screenshots
  • Stands 4A/4 labels have been swapped
  • And finally, DME has been moved to the same position as the ILS antenna.

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