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QualityWings Releases 787 Service Pack 4

QualityWings Simulations have earlier this month taken to their social networks profiles to officially announce the release of a new version of their rendition of Boeing 787 Dreamliner for Prepar3D.

For each Service Pack, we try to bring something new to the 787. The EFB is such a key feature on the 787, and we’ve added two new features that you’re sure to love.

QualityWings Simulations

Titled as Service Pack 4 and Version 1.4.0, it brings numerous new and plethora of improved features to the aircraft. This includes, for example, improved autopilot systems, improved virtual cockpit, fixed issues with the CDU and PFD, or two new features added to the EFB. Furthermore, the exterior model was improved together with the flight dynamics and behavior of the aircraft.

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With the new features of the EFB in the new version, you are able to paste a route from websites like Flightaware, Navigraph, and RouteFinder directly to the EFB, and it should then be uplinked to the FMS.

In order to properly update the aircraft, a new installer can be downloaded through the QualityWings website or through the Flight1 Agent. The aircraft can be purchased through the Flight1 website for $79.95 or €67.



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  • Autopilot: LNAV early turns improved
  • Autopilot: VNAV PATH descent logic improved
  • Autopilot: improved FLCH / VNAV SPD logic
  • Autothrottle: improved speed control
  • VC: Display and HUD brightness controls enabled
  • VC: Exterior shadow model added (P3D only)
  • VC: Updated versions of TFDi TrueGlass & RealLight for P3Dv5.1 support
  • VC: Updated textures with improved quality and brightness (P3D only)
  • VC: Primary Flight Computer switch is spring-loaded (while it should not)
  • VC: Flood lights remain on without power fixed
  • VC: HUD blanks out taxi/landing lights (P3D only)
  • TCAS: improvements to traffic display and advisory logic
  • HUD: Altitude bug/ window clipping issues fixed
  • HUD: track line is linked to HDG bug instead of showing current track and drift angle
  • HUD: FPV/FD improved
  • CDU: Step size ‘0’ does not clear predicted step climbs
  • CDU: Unable to delete Step climb from waypoint on Legs Page
  • CDU: various step climb improvements
  • CDU: LEGS page – step climb entry /400S is not accepted as FL400
  • CDU: Descent forecast winds not applied when entered manually
  • CDU: Pos report Page – fuel in wrong units vs Prog page (when units are KGS)
  • PFD: When QNH is preselected, baro display converts to 1013 HPA
  • PFD/HUD: smoothness improvements
  • ND: step climb location not recalculated when inserting a direct to a waypoint
  • DU: various dimming issues fixed
  • EICAS: calculated takeoff trim does not turn green when actual position matches
  • Misc: excessive landing / taxi light brightness (P3Dv5 only)
  • EFB: pressing ‘.’ On keypad opens sent output page
  • EFB: TO Performance corrections
  • Exterior: Logo light does not show in dusk/dawn conditions
  • Exterior: improved bogey tilt and gear compression animation
  • Exterior: improved Semi-levered gear functionality (-10 only)
  • FDE: Improved taxi behavior
  • FDE: Corrected flap/slat sequencing for -9 and -10
  • FDE Corrected 787-8 RR drag coefficient
  • FDE: Corrected time to climb accuracy
  • FDE: Modified drag profiles for more accurate off profile descent and approach
  • FDE: Fixed incorrect reverse thrust setting for -10
  • FDE: Corrected roll control aileron/spoiler mix
  • FDE: Corrected AoA for various configurations and airspeeds
  • FDE: Corrected flare behavior


  • EFB: Route Entry function to import flightplans in text format
  • EFB: Enroute Map to follow flight progress on a world map
  • EFB: On-the-fly charts can be scrolled through using the PG UP / PG DN buttons
  • PFD: Rising Runway
  • DU/HUD brightness control via Master/HUD Brightness Control Knobs

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