Quatam River Airport – Review

I’ve seen this scenery in many top 10 videos on 1st place and I always wanted to check it out. And thanks to PropStrike Studio we got our hands on this very well rated scenery. As usual, I would like to say huge thank you to PropStrike Studio for giving us this scenery so we can do this review for you.

Introduction to scenery

Source: PropStrike Studio

Quatam River Airport is a small airport in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The airport is located in a series of fjords and arms so although ocean water is just off the runway it is a long journey to the open sea. The airport is just meters from the Quatam River which leads up a long valley and into the tall mountains. The airport is a hub for forest workers who are clearing out the forest up and down the valley sides. The airport has been there for more than 35 years serving many purposes.

Overall design

It’s not surprising that this scenery is known as the best scenery for X-Plane 11. Generally, the scenery has no mistakes. Since the design is indescribable I’m going to put screenshots below.

Frame rate

Usually, on normal sceneries, I get an average of 20 frames per second. On Quatam River Airport I got an average of 30 frames per second, which is quite amazing if you take in mind the number of objects the game is rendering. I know that an average of 30 frames per second is horrible, but it the main point of this is, that this scenery can run even on slower computers without a single problem.

5 in 1

Since the name of the scenery is “Quatam River Airport” it might seem weird, but it’s true. With the scenery, you will basically get 5 locations – Quatam River Airport, Medical Unit Helipad, Powell Watch tower, MOH Creek Strip, Deep Valley Climbing Camp. When I saw that there are 5 locations I thought, that the other 4 wouldn’t be designed as well as the main airport (Quatam River Airport), but I was wrong, the other 4 places are designed in the same quality as the Quatam River Airport.



In conclusion this scenery is very good choice for General Aviation flyers since there are 3 helipads and 2 dirt runways. If I should rate it from 0 to 10 I would give it a deserved 10/10.

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