17.4.2020 – 12:53z

RD Studios previews Riverside Airport for X-Plane Featuring an Airshow

Over at the x-plane.org forum, developer RD Studios, also known for Half Moon Bay Airport scenery, shared numerous previews of their KRAL Riverside Airport project. The previews show something that has never been done before in a payware X-Plane addon: this airport will feature an airshow on certain in-sim dates!

This scenery will feature a virtual airshow: warbirds, rare aircraft and exhibition stands are plenty on the airport grounds. Among the exhibitors are the local police department, the Riverside Veteran Car Club, the American Red Cross and many more. Food and drink stands are modelled as well. A C-17 Globemaster III of the 452nd Air Mobility Wing is also on display. It even has a staircase and a modelled interior, so you can take a peek inside.

Based on the screenshots, this scenery is very detailed: it has the Helldiver simulator with animations, a drone overflying the airport taking aerial pictures and a yellow balloon hovering above the airport grounds.

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The package will feature custom liveries for both the VSkylabs C-47 and the Aeroworx C-47 so you can give passengers a tour of the Riverside Airshow and the surrounding area. These liveries will be available as separate downloads.

Airshows in real life don’t last forever, of course. The airshow will only be shown when the simulator date is set to July 11th. On other days, the airport will be filled with helicopters and small GA planes.

Source: X-plane.org forum

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