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RDPresets Releases Geneva Cointrin Intl for MSFS

RDPresets took to their Facebook page earlier today to announce the release of their rendition of Geneva Cointrin Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer mentions that Geneva Airport has been developed to the highest possible quality for the platform and is their biggest project to date.

About Geneva Cointrin

Geneva Airport, unofficially still known as Cointrin Airport, is an international airport located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is located four kilometers northwest of the city center and serves as the hub for Swiss International Air Lines and easyJet Switzerland. The airport is situated entirely within Swiss borders, however, its northern limit runs along the French border and can be accessed from France too. Freight operations are also accessible from both Switzerland and France, making Geneva an EU freight hub even though Switzerland is not a part of the EU.

Key Features

RDPresets’ Geneva Cointrin Airport has been developed to the highest quality and is a highly realistic replica of Geneva Airport. The airport rendition features completely custom modeling and texturing with high-definition PBR textures throughout the whole airport. Furthermore, the airport terminal also has a fully custom high-quality replica 3D interior including 3D passengers.

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Further features include 1000+ clutter objects on the apron and surrounding areas, custom ground textures accurate night lighting, custom taxiway signage, and animated ground traffic. Moreover, the developer has also made performance optimizations to ensure the best possible experience in-sim.

Closing Notes

RDPresets’ Geneva Aiport is available to purchase at the Contrail Store, simMarket Store, and the in-sim MSFS Marketplace. The product retails for EUR 19.99 exclusive of taxes. The developers have also shared a stunning release trailer which can be viewed below. For more flight sim-related news, announcements, updates, releases, and more, do check out our other articles on FSNews.

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