Reports of Fenix Sim Releasing A320 Soon for MSFS

Chatter on the Fenix Sim Discord channel and various Facebook group post this weekend would indicate Fenix Sim is nearing release of the much-anticipated Airbus A320 for MSFS.

The release according to Aamir, the owner, founder and moderator of Fenix Sim Discord server. “Provided the incoming MSFS patch doesn’t break too much, I expect everyone here to be flying the Fenix in days, not months”.

The Fenix model of the Airbus A320 entered BETA testing on February 1st, 2022. There are no confirmed reports as to whether this A320 is considered a study-level aircraft. The model is a complete build from the ground up and is Fenix Simulations entry product into any flight-sim platform.

Fenix Sim has not released a complete official list of features. According to the Fenix website (July 2021), the download will come with a functional programable MCDU complete with a working auto-flight system, lateral offsets, ETPs, RTAs, step climbs, and working LNAV and VNAV. High-fidelity sounds in the flight deck and outside with the engines being the centerpiece. Working hydraulic and electrical systems.

More details as they break. You can read more on Fenix Sim Discord channel.

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