Epic E1000 is a single-engine, turboprop light aircraft developed by Epic Aircraft based in Oregon. It can flight to up to 34,000 feet, the speed can go up to 325 knots (600km/h or approx. 373 mph) and it has a range of 3,000km (approx. 1864 miles). Even though the aircraft is still in certification phase, Aerobask already developed this aircraft as an addon for X-Plane 11.

I would like to say Thanks to Aerobask for making this review possible and don’t worry, the review is still honest 🙂


Overall, the exterior of the aircraft is very accurate and looks very good. The aircraft has some very interesting features such as engine exhaust effect, which someone could consider not important, and actually, it isn’t important, but for sure, nice to have. In the case of the exterior model and texturing, I have nothing bad to say about it – great job Aerobask!


The cockpit itself is very well and accurately modelled and designed. What I would like to highlight are the reflections, the 4K PBR textures and enhanced systems featured in the cockpit. The aircraft features 11 liveries, but why am I talking about liveries in the interior section? It’s simple, each livery comes with different color variations in the cockpit and the cabin, which means everybody can choose his favorite one and fly it.

The cabin is also very well done, but since describing does not do the job as good as screenshots do, I put two screenshots below 🙂

The only thing that I don’t like about the cabin are the passengers. From the outside, the passengers can be seen, but not from the inside which is kinda ruining the feeling, that there is someone back in the plane.

Passengers from outside
Passengers from inside


In the UI, you can set a fuel quantity, passengers, their luggage, turn on/off static elements and GPU (Ground Power Unit). I do not want to make this part too long, so the first sentence was describing just first part of the UI, other parts, including the first part, can be seen below.

I would like to point out how the aircraft is actually reacting to the weight you’re putting to each fuel tank by slightly tilting to that side.

You can open the UI four different ways – 1. Clicking on Aerobask icon on the left side of the game. 2. Clicking on the tablet in the pocket next to your seat. 3. Clicking on the Aerobask icon in front of you in the cockpit. 4. Using the “Plugins” tab.


In conclusion, I really enjoyed flying this aircraft and in my opinion, it’s highly underrated. If you’re interested in GA flying you should totally consider purchasing this beauty. For those 34,95 USD, you’re getting very high-quality aircraft with enhanced systems, great flight dynamics, both interior and exterior model + textures and custom sounds both for the aircraft and the GPU. Even on slower PC, I had no problem flying even on custom sceneries or in bad weather.

If you want to know more about this aircraft, you visit Aerobask website, and if you want to purchase it straight away, you can do so on X-Plane.org for 39.95 USD.


Static Elements (ON)

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