Review: DCS: F-16C Viper

F-16C is a single engine fighter jet used by several countries. This aircraft first took off in the 1970s and it’s main role is air-to-air combat.

Eagle Dynamics stands behind this very interesting project. F-16C is still in beta so we can understand some unfinished details, but in general so far so good! One of the best features are authentic F-16C sounds. I was impressed when I was flying with this aircraft for the first time. I noticed that the air flow is simulated very well as well.

Air flow

Design and Flight Model

F-16C is a very, very well modelled aircraft. One of the best in the entire DCS selection. You can several screenshots below. Aircraft also has a professional flight model with fly-by-wire flight control system. European aircraft company Airbus also uses fly-by-wire as a control system of their airplanes.


You will enjoy the realistic “6-degrees of freedom” cockpit. Every single button is clickable and animated, from cockpit lights to weapon management.


Weapons system is fully simulated. I have to say that Eagle Dynamics did a very good job when developing and programming the weapons system, especially on simulating real life procedures. Although I was able to learn some of these procedures pretty quickly, much faster than in the F-5E Tiger II for example, because everything is really organized and in place. F-16 is a younger fighter as well.


If you are looking for a study level aircraft for DCS World, this is the one to go for. If you want to fly the F-16C without learning the actual correct start up procedure and stuff, you can always use the auto-start feature and just have fun. It may look a bit pricey for 68,62€ or $79.99, but trust me, you will have a very good time flying this beauty!

You can buy F-16C Viper for DCS World for $79.99 or for DCS World Steam Edition for 68,62€.