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Review: FlyDesign Olsztyn for X-Plane 11

Recently, I was able to take a look at the FlyDesigns Olsztyn Mazury airport (EPSY) for X-Plane 11. First of all, I would like to thank the FlyDesign for making this possible.
Olsztyn Mazury airport is located in the Masurian Lake District, next to the Sczytno town. The airport used to be an airbase during WW2, and now the airport is operated by carriers like Ryanair, WizzAir or LOT Polish Airlines.


When I first spawned in the scenery, I was really surprised by the performance at the airport, which was flawless, even with FlightFactor A320, that is known for rather poor performance, especially at my a bit slower computer. I really liked the performance at the airport overall. As the performance is good even with the FFA320 and GTX1050ti, you shouldn’t have any problem with ZIBO 737 (Ryanair) or ToLiss A321 (Wizz).

Surrounding area

The surrounding area is nothing special. The ortho scenery is only at the place of the airport and doesn’t cover any more surroundings, so if you don’t use Ortho4XP, you cannot expect photoreal imagery of a surrounding area of the airport. Though the scenery is looking pretty good, there is still a lack of photoreal surroundings, as the scenery loses a bit of that realistic feeling. Also, I think that the ortho in the area of the airport is a little bit blurred and not sharp.

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Talking about the texturing, It is good, but still, there is something missing, especially at the terminal. I think, that the terminal really misses the glass texture, without it, the terminal looks only like a construction. The grass textures are fine and not really dense, as I like it, but when you zoom out, it starts to look pretty weird though. The grass starts to be way too much dense and unrealistic looking, this detail is, unfortunately also seen from an approach.


The modelling is really really nice. Actually I really liked how with all the static models the airport came alive. All the people in the terminal, at the ground, the cars in the backyard of the airport, everything made the airport to feel realistic. What the actually took the realism a bit down, was the terminal modelling, which looked a little bit plastic.

Night lighting

The night lighting is OK. The runway is clearly visible from the approach, what I actually missed was the centerline lighting, but that might not be at the airport in real life as well. I tried to gain a piece of information about centerline lighting, but unfortunately, I didn’t find any. As I was getting away from the taxiways, the lights of the taxiways were getting gradually dimmer. What I actually really liked was the lighting at the apron, which was not so bright and not so dim, I was able to see everything I needed, but it didn’t shine to my eyes. Also, the terminal lighting was perfectly balanced.

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Overall, for its price tag of €10, this is quite nice scenery, and it is really worth buying if you fly low-cost airlines like Ryanair or Wizz. I definitely recommend this airport, even though it has some small imperfections like the terminal modelling or the lack of surrounding photoreal area. If you are interested in buying it, you can do so at the FlyDesign shop here.

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