Review: JustSim Basel for Prepar3D

Recently, there have been two sceneries for Basel airport released. Today, we will try to help you to make a decision, which to choose. But first of all, huge thanks to JustSim to make this review possible. Even though we received the scenery for free by the developer, the review will be honest and this is not an advertisement.

Surrounding Area

First of all, I would like to start with the surrounding area of the airport, which has all seasonal textures available, and it looks pretty good, even from the air. Here are the views of all the seasons available at the airport. The surrounding area seems very accurate according to the Google maps images.


The next thing I’d like to talk about is the terminal. The terminal is really well modelled and has some people around it, which gives that realistic feeling to the airport. According to the google images, the terminal is really accurate, which provides the best kind of realism possible. The vehicles surrounding the airport does the thing as well. Unfortunately, there is no interior of the terminal, and the terminal building is just a texture (except some parts of the terminal but it looks a little bit worse, as it would look with full interior or full texture. I think this could be possible to be done, as almost every modern scenery add-on includes that. The PBR on the building is working fine in my opinion.

Other places

The other places at the airport like hangars and park places are really well modelled too. I really liked the detail of the surrounding areas, that are not extremely important to fly in the simulator. The models are in my opinion up to date and look the same as in real life. I’d probably add some static aircraft near hangars, or into the aeroclub that is located there, just a few, it might be a nice touch to the scenery.

Night lighting and dynamic lighting

I have to say, I was really impressed by the night lighting at the airport. From the approach, you can clearly see the runway, as the lights are strong, so it is not hard to spot the runway with your eye and without using ILS and glideslope on your aircraft. I remember how the runway lights and PAPI looked like on JustSim’s Linz scenery, which were so dim, you couldn’t even see the runway, this is a huge step from that scenery. The dynamic lighting at the terminal is great, I could easily see my aircraft. Also, a bonus point for the dynamic lighting around hangars and cargo terminal, and the outside part of the airport has also dynamic lightning. What I didn’t like about the lighting at the airport is the fact, the park place building was really really dark in my opinion. If I would be in that building, I could barely see anything. Unfortunately, what took the impression down at night, is the lighting of the terminal, as it looks like from the FSX ages. But that’s the limit of the non-interior model.

Visual effects

I really liked the birds at the airport, but when I took a closer look, I realized that these birds are seagulls. I made some research, and it is true that in Basel live seagulls throughout the year, even in winter. Firstly, I was a little bit confused, what would seagulls do in Basel, especially in winter. Well, at least I know something new 🙂


Well, I talked about the terminal textures and so up into the article, but I almost forgot about the ground textures at the airport. I really liked the runway and taxiway textures, and the grass textures as well. Unfortunately, when I decided to take a look at the reflection effects of the water, I was a little bit surprised. There was no water effect at the airport, except for the runway.


So, how do I like this scenery? Yeah, in my opinion, this scenery is really good, and it is worth the money (21.48€ incl. 20% of taxes in my country) Now there is even a sale, which gives you an option to buy this scenery for 17.18€ till 19th of February. The scenery is great, despite some things that I didn’t like, like the lighting at the terminal, and some other things. But I can fully recommend this scenery. You can get the scenery on the SimMarket.

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