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Review: JustSim EBBR v2 (XP11)

JustSim, a well-known developer who stays behind many sceneries for Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 like Dresden, Linz or Barcelona, gave us an option to review their one of recent sceneries released. With that being said, I would like to thank JustSim for making this possible. Please note that we got this product for free, but still the review will be honest and built from my thoughts of the scenery.

When I first spawned on the scenery, I was pretty well impressed by the terminal that appeared in front of my aircraft. I really liked the texture and the detailed model of it.

Surrounding area

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the surrounding area of the airport. The first thing you notice when you fly off with the free camera to check out the area is the ortho included with this scenery. Even though I don’t have the ortho installed here, it seems to be the Bing maps source, so I would definitely recommend BI source using together with this scenery. Overall, the surroundings and the buildings located there. But I didn’t understand that Boeing 767 American Airlines located there. When I looked on the maps, in reality, there should be a UPS 767. But in my opinion, it is not really important detail in such huge scenery.

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The modelling of this airport is really impressive. Even though the terminal doesn’t have a 3D interior, it is still looking great, together with the model of hangars, tower or even, not really important, logistic centres. Overall, the modelling is really good and it really is something you can expect from payware scenery.


The textures on this scenery are really great. It feels really sharp and also the ground textures look like in real life. I’d probably appreciate a little more saturation of the tarmac. Concerning the terminal, it looks also great. But yet again, no 3D interior, what, in my opinion in full almost full glass terminal is a must.

Main airport features

I really loved the implementation of Autogate jetways and its docking system. The plenty number of cars on the airport added that realistic feeling, but not only near the terminal. There are still many cars near the logistic centre or the static aircraft located near the hangars. Also, the static cars in the parking areas added realism to the scenery.

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Review: JustSim EBBR v2 (XP11) - JustSim, Reviews, X-Plane

Night Lighting

The night lighting at this airport is really good. I can clearly see the terminal, runway from the approach or the hangars and logistic centre located there. What I also liked is the density of lights in the nearby motorway. The density of it added that lighting pollution feeling. Unfortunately, I had some problems with the runway lights during the rough conditions in the daytime, as they were not clearly visible.


For its price tag of €28.20 (incl. local VAT of 20%), it is really good scenery, and I would definitely think about buying it. The model of the airport looks great, the night lighting is nice as well, and I have a really great feeling about this airport. The sharp textures or the vehicles in the area added really added the realistic feeling I like.

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