Review: JustSim Larnaca

JustSim is a well known developer throughout the flight sim community and we got the chance to review one of their products: Larnaca for P3Dv4. We would like to say thank you to JustSim for making this possible.

Terminal modelling of JustSim Larnaca is really good, the apron and ground textures looks very solid as well.

The airport comes with several details around the airport, for example flamingos or animated seagulls. Other vegetation surrounding the airport is not that great.

JustSim Larnaca includes SODE jetways and Dynamic Lighting. Airport night lighting really impressed me, for example terminal lights or runway lights.

Dynamic Lighting, SODE jetways
Runway lights

Add-on is fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe. Automatic season vegatation changing was added as well.

JustSim did a very good job when developing this scenery. I noticed only few not good looking things as mentioned earlier. I think there isn’t a better Larnaca airport scenery for P3Dv4 atm.

You can buy this airport on simMarket for EUR 18.30.