Innsbruck Airport is the largest international airport in western Austria, situated 4km from the city center. Innsbruck is mainly visited by fans of winter sports, in 2015 Innsbruck airport transferred over a million passengers. The airport is operating one runway in two directions – 08/26.

Innsbruck has a really challenging approach since the airport is between the mountains, the weather conditions aren’t good and the airport is in the middle of the city.

Terminal building design

Innsbruck Airport terminal building is basically a bigger general aviation terminal (in terms of size). Overall, JustSim did really good the job designing the terminal building, it looks very well and realistic. The scenery even features SAM (Scenery Animation Manager), which is really appreciated since finding the correct parking spot might be quite a challenge sometimes because there aren’t proper taxiways on the tarmac.

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Review: JustSim LOWI scenery - X-Plane, JustSim

Tarmac design

JustSim did a great job designing Tarmac. High resolution and the amount of details which is in, adds a nice realistic feeling to the scenery. There is nothing I could complain about in terms of tarmac design.

Review: JustSim LOWI scenery - X-Plane, JustSim

City design

Since Innsbruck isn’t a big city JustSim designed the whole city with all its landmarks and mainly approach points (buildings, that help pilots localize where the plane is in bad weather conditions and low visibility). Overall the city is comparable to a real Innsbruck and very well designed.

Review: JustSim LOWI scenery - X-Plane, JustSim


In conclusion, the scenery is totally worth the 18€ and I’m quite interested why is the price tag so low. If I should rate the scenery from 0 to 10, I would give it a 9. I took that one point just because of small details which you will probably not even notice when flying. In the case of PC requirements, the scenery doesn’t have huge requirements, so even with slower PCs, you will not have a single problem.

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Review: JustSim LOWI scenery - X-Plane, JustSim


Game: X-plane 10.51 and 11.00
OS: Windows 7 / 8/ 10, Linux, MacOS
Processor: Dual Core Processor with 3 Ghz or faster
RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Graphics card: 3D graphics card 1024 MB/2Gb

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