Review: LOGO PROJECTS Barcelona Scenery (XP11)

LOGO PROJECTS is a rather small and new developer on the scene with the first scenery released back in June 2019 and a total of three sceneries in their portfolio as of today. Before I start with the review itself, I would like to Thank LOGO PROJECTS for making this review possible by providing us with a review copy. Don’t worry, the review will express my true opinion and experience with the scenery. Please keep in mind, that even though the screenshots might show close-up buildings or areas. I will review it as a VFR scenery, meaning from 1,000ft-2,000ft.

Barcelona is the capital and the largest city in Catalonia, as well as the second-most populous city in Spain. It is located on the coast of northeastern Spain and has over 5,5 million (2019) people living there, but over 8 million tourists visiting the city annually.


Port of barcelona (cargo part)

I would like to start with the Port of Barcelona. Mainly because when approaching the airport, you will fly over the port almost every time. What I like about the scenery is the building and object placement. I would especially like to point out the white cylinders, sorry for not knowing what they are used for, which are very nicely modelled, placed, and textured.

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As you can see in the first screenshot below, there is one part of the harbor with the cranes which does look very strange. This is for sure not how it looks in real life, but in my opinion, the area is set to be way bigger in X-Plane 11 than in reality, which might limit the scenery.

port of barcelona (public part)

Port of Barcelona is a big area of the city covering half of the coastline. The port could be divided into two main parts, the part for the cargo ships and the public part where the Hotel W is located together with the Aquarium Barcelona, Transbordador Aeri del Port, and World Trade Center.

I think, that this part of the city in the scenery is done very well, and I did not found any major issues with it as I did with the city center, but I will get to that in a moment. The buildings are very well modelled and textured in this area. A nice addition to the scenery would be some animations, such as moving Transbordador Aeri del Port, for example.

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Montjuïc Castle

When approaching the city by airplane, Montjuïc Castle will be probably the most dominant landmark you will see right after the famous Sagrada Família. I really miss the vegetation in the castle area and around the castle from the Mediterranean sea side, it just seems kind of artificial. On the other hand, in comparison with other landmarks throughout the city, the castle itself has a very nice, and high resolution, textures.

Sagrada Família

This part of the review will not be very pleasant. When I started the simulator with the scenery for the first time I was very much interested in how the developers modelled, textured and implemented the glorious Sagrada Família in the scenery. I flew over the city with Cessna 172, and the first issue I found, I could not find it. I just could not see the most iconic building in Barcelona. It took me some time until I found it.

And I was very disappointed when I saw what can be seen below on the screenshots. I’ve been in Barcelona a few times, and Sagrada Família is indeed a very dominant building, but in the scenery, it looks like a nicer church, rather than a cathedral. The model does not feature lateral parts of the cathedral at all and is only featuring the main part.

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Tibidabo and park guell

Tibidabo is a hill overlooking Barcelona. On the summit, there is the Sagrat Cor church from the top of which you can get a great view of the whole city. The developers did a great job with the church itself, but a rather mediocre one the amusement part, also located at the hill summit. The texturing work on the amusement park is rather bad, which can, unfortunately, be seen even when flying above the park.

The bigger issue comes when talking about Park Güell. It looks like the developers did forget about it, even though it’s one of the most visited sites in Barcelona. On the last screenshot below you can actually see on the orthophoto background some hints of The Greek Theatre.

Mirador de Colom, La rambla and Plaça de Catalunya

La Rambla is the main, and the most-visited, street in Barcelona city center. It connects Plaça de Catalunya and Mirador de Colom and has 1,2 kilometers (0,75 miles) in length. I really like how developers handled Plaça de Catalunya. There is only one misplaced tree on the square, which is kind of ruining the experience when flying over it. I might also appreciate Monument a Francesc Macià modelled on the square.

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Mercado de La Boqueria, most-known only as La Boqueria, is a large public market located in the city center right next to La Rambla. The market is very well done from above, and since you will not see much other since all around the market are buildings, inaccurate textures on the sides will not be a problem. What do I mean by inaccurate? From the sides, the market is open-space, there are no walls in real life, but on the textures, there are walls with windows displayed. As mentioned earlier, you can’t really see the sides, so it’s not that big of a deal.

La Rambla ends with Mirador de Colom, also known as Columbus Monument. The rendition of this monument in the scenery looks very nice. The Columbus statue on top of it is 3D but is just the texture with depth added, which is not the best-looking, but when flying VFR, you will not see a difference. I would for sure appreciate some custom objects around the monument since there is a pier and a bunch of trees that just look weird not being there in the scenery.

Plaça d’Espanya, MNAC, Anella Olímpica

Together with Plaça de Catalunya, Plaça d’Espanya is one of the two major squares in Barcelona. There is a shopping center located right next to it and Magic fountain of Montjuic, MNAC, and Anella Olímpica nearby. Plaça d’Espanya itself is not really well done in the scenery, I really miss the big monument in the center of the roundabout which should be part of the scenery. But other than that, the square itself looks very nice.

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When going towards the MNAC, I really miss the Magic fountain of Montjuic which just seems to be forgotten together with the monument which is quite a shame since it could be considered as a tourist attraction and a landmark. Also, not to forget about white buildings on the sides right behind the Magic fountain of Montjuic, which in real life, are yellow, and not so “simple”. It’s very strange.

In the case of the famous Anella Olímpica, it is very well modelled and textured. I might only change the elevation difference which can be noticed even when flying over the stadium. Also, there is one passage missing in the scenery that got replaced by a road. Other than that, I have no issues with the Anella Olímpica area at all. Really good job by the developers on this one.

Barri Gòtic

Located next to La Rambla, Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) could also be referred to as the historic centre of Barcelona. Developers did model most of the landmarks located within the area and did a good job. The more visited landmarks are modelled and textured really well. What I overall lack in the scenery is building diversity. When I was flying for some time over the city I started recognizing buildings from different places. On the other hand, if you fly in a certain flight level, there will be no difference and there will be no issue for you.

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Installing the scenery is not that hard if you know what you’re doing, and well, that was not my case. The scenery itself is 814MB big and consists of three folders – City, Autogen, Mesh. There is a guide on how to install it, but not a good one really, and it might have actually confused me.

I’ve put all the folders that came with the scenery in “Custom Scenery” folder, set proper order in “scenery_packs.ini” and downloaded Ortho4XP. It might seem strange, but even though the scenery has custom Ortho4XP tile generated for it, that can be downloaded via the Google Drive, when you install it, there is a big elevation gap between buildings and the surface.

After contacting the developers, I got to know, that the scenery is mainly developed to be compatible with SpainUHD, not Orho4XP even though there is a custom tile for it included. I find this strange, but I downloaded the SpainUHD file and everything worked perfectly.

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In conclusion, LOGO PROJECT made decent scenery, which took thousands of hours to develop based on the developer. I have found a few other cons over the scenery that were not mentioned in the review.

One being the texture difference throughout the scenery – some landmarks have perfect, high-resolution, textures, but some have really low-resolution ones. I also don’t really like that the road systems look very tangled in some parts. Talking about the road system, I have found out, that the roads are quite often placed under the buildings or not placed very accurately. Also, there are few levitating buildings within the city center, but when flying VFR, you will not notice the gap.

Regarding the performance, even though I have a rather strong PC, I would consider the scenery well-optimized. I was running the scenery with the default C172 and had about 50-70FPS. I did experience some stutters from time to time, but it was meanwhile the scenery was loading and objects were appearing. It became stable after some time.

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Other than that, the scenery is suitable for VFR flying at 1,200ft-2,000ft. There is a free alternative, but I have not tested that out. For the price of €25, it’s a good value. But there are some things that still can be improved, so keep that in mind.

If you want to buy the scenery, you can do so via SimMarket for €25.

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