Review: SkySimulations MD-11 v2.2

SkySimulations recently released MD-11 v2 add-on for FSX/P3D platform and we had the opportunity to review this product. We would like to say thank you to SkySimulations for making this possible.

MD-11 is today mainly used for air cargo transport. Several airlines still use the freighter version of this aircraft for example FedEx, UPS or Lufthansa Cargo.


Developer SkySimulations said that their MD-11 v2 add-on is a exact replica of the real MD-11 which is actually true. SkySimulations did a very good job on the exterior model. PBR textures or the landing gear details are only 2 out of many cool exterior features of this aircraft. Animated cargo doors for cargo loading and unloading are included as well.

You can enjoy several liveries: KLM, Martinair, UPS, Lufthansa Cargo and many others!


The virtual cockpit has been completely redesigned and rebuilt, but still some parts of the cockpit are a bit strange comparing to the real one. Although all important controls and buttons are working with no problems, as well as the FMC. Fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems were updated in the v2 alongside new cockpit lights and many others.

Flight Model

SkySimulations MD-11 v2.2 flight model is pretty good. I had a good time flying around with this aircraft.


From my point of view, this product is really worth buying, but it feels just a bit pricey for EUR 50.81. I was really impressed by FPS, so if you have a slower PC, you don’t have to worry about performance.

You can buy MD-11 v2.2 on simMarket.

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