Review: Vidan Design – Aalborg for X-Plane 11

Vidan Design is a Danish developer of Danish sceneries mainly for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D, but recently they released their first bigger scenery for X-Plane 11 – Aalborg XP.

Aalborg Airport (EKYT) is an 81 years old civilian and military airport located 6,5 km northwest of Aalborg. It is a home base for Royal Danish Air Force and Great Dane Airlines, a small Danish airline.

Terminal building

Vidan Design did really a good job modelling and designing the terminal building. In comparison with the real terminal, the in-game one looks the same. As you can see below, the terminal building looks very good. Good job made by Vidan Design!

Tarmac design

The quality (quality of the design) of tarmac depends on the location, I know it might seem weird, but Vidan Design did a better job with designing the tarmac near the terminal, than the other parts of the airport. The tarmac near the terminal looks perfect, but on the taxiways, it’s kinda blending with the grass.

Not exactly a taxiway, but it does serve the purpose.

Nature design

After reading the title, you might be confused about what do I want to talk about in this section, but don’t worry. Adding nature to the scenery is very important, although it might affect the performance, it adds a nice feeling, and that is what this scenery lacks. There are a few bushes and trees around the airport, but what I miss the most is the grass.

Looks weird, doesn’t it?

Orthophoto problem

It’s nice that Vidan Design included an orthophoto scenery, but if you want to make it look nice, it needs to be in high resolution, and since that is what this scenery lacks, it’s kinda blurry (there is an example above).


What happened there?
Bug with ATC view in replay mode.


In conclusion, the scenery is very good, but there are some problems that should be solved as soon as possible. In terms of the performance, the scenery is doing very well, my frames per second were above average. Vidan Design has a long way in front of them to make this scenery perfect, but I wish them best luck.

If you want to purchase this scenery and support the developer, you can do so here. (this is not an affiliate link)

Feature List


  • Highly detailed rendition of Aalborg Airport (EKYT, AAL) and Aalborg Air Base (Flyvestation Aalborg)
  • Highly detailed airport terminal
  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography
  • Dynamic apron lightning (requires X-Plane Visual Effects set to High (HDR))
  • Custom modelled ground support vehicles
  • Orthophoto scenery
  • High quality modelled airport buildings
  • Static airplanes featuring types unique to the airport
  • Custom modelled vegetation, grass, trees

Thank you for reading this review!

Author: George

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