REX Releases a Technical Update of REX Environment Force

REX, known for their add-ons like REX SkyForce, Rex4 Texture Direct or latest REX Environment Force, has recently issued a technical update for REX Environment Force.

This update has fixed some bugs in the program, like saving of multiple community themes with the same names, support link to an old forum, mini UI blocking FMS screen or even community themes causing CTD of the application and simulator. You can see more fixes in the changelog below.


Fixed – Saving multiple community themes with the same name  
Fixed – Support link to old support form  
Fixed – Mini UI blocking FMS screen in the simulator  
Fixed – Airspeed issue when using weather injection smoothing  
Fixed – Community themes causing CTD of the application and simulator  
Added – Feature to reduce re-registration after upgrades  
Added – Feature to automatically backup all settings and personal presets to local drive  
Added – Feature to backup all settings and personal presets to the REX EDGE cloud server  
Added – Feature to restore all settings and personal presets from local drive or REX EDGE cloud server 
Improved – Performance 
Removed – Testing sliders on automation window

This technical update is available for all users with valid product key of the product. You can find more, as well as installation instructions on the REX website here. Please note, the Environment Force add-on is available only for P3D v4.4+

Author: Patrik

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