REX Updates Weather Force for MSFS

For those who want to add more realism to their weather engine than what Asobo provide in Microsoft Flight Simulator, Rex Weather Force claims to provide the solution, and now Rex Simulations have announced an update to their popular weather engine.

Technical update 1.3 fixes known issues, such as improper weather mode reporting after the injection of DWP weather following the initial load, snow not showing when selected, and the ability to select favorite airports.

Cloud density has been improved, as well as weather updates to PilotATC, temperature and pressure updates to the simulator, and cloud rendering. The update also adds the ability to search weather, view weather at favorite airports, and instant snow coverage if snow happens to be falling at the chosen airport.

A full list of fixes, improvements, and additions can be found below.

To get the update, users are asked to open Weather Force, where an update will be prompted. On downloading the update, the original installation will need to be uninstalled and the new one installed.

Rex Weather Force is available from Orbx Central, priced EUR 19.13, or through the REX website, priced at $21.95.


  • FIXED – Favorite airport weather updates.   
  • FIXED – Aerosol option not saving.   
  • FIXED – Clouds not clearing after full overcast.   
  • FIXED – Ability to startup multiple versions of Weather Force.   
  • FIXED – Improper weather mode reporting after selecting DWP weather injection on initial load.   
  • FIXED – Snow not rendering with use of DWP.   
  • FIXED – No snow generating when snow was falling at the airport.   
  • IMPROVED – Cloud rendering based upon saturation and stability indexes found in the atmospheric column from balloon and model data.  
  • IMPROVED – Clearing cloud density during weather automation.   
  • IMPROVED – Pilot2ATC file export weather updates.   
  • IMPROVED – Surface weather condition rendering at higher elevation airports.   
  • IMPROVED – Initial load of snow on ground based upon 7-day weather conditions.   
  • ADDED – Instant updating of temperature, pressure and wind during initial weather injection.   
  • ADDED – Instant snow coverage if snow is falling at the departure airport.   
  • ADDED – Function to keep snow coverage on the ground during flight based upon 7-day review of snowfall at the airport and temperature during flight.   
  • ADDED – Ability to search weather and view weather at favorite airports during weather synthesis.

Author: Ray

I have been an avid aviation enthusiast for about eight years since I first started using FSX. Apart from flying in the sims (now X-Plane 11 and MSFS) I enjoy reading about aviation through the many periodicals and books available. I live in South Yorkshire in the northern half of the UK.

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