If you are looking for a very good MD-80 for X-Plane 11 Rotate MD-80 is the most accurate simulation of this popular aircraft, specifically the MD-88 variation. Before you take this good old lady for a spin, check our review.


The cockpit of this beautiful aircraft is looking really good so far but there is a small difference comparing the actual real aircraft. If you ever saw a MD-80 cockpit you will notice that it’s not as good as it may be. There are some not very well modeled buttons and leavers but these small design problems are just minor. Working autopilot and FMC is included.

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At the other side, exterior is a different story. The whole model is absolutely stunning. Fuselage, wings or reflections. Everything is just awesome from the outside. It is one of the best looking planes I have ever flown in X-Plane 11 or P3D.

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The flight model of the Rotate MD-80 is very good. You can really feel the aircraft in your hands which is a big plus. Animated flaps, spoilers or thrust reversers are included as well.

Feature List

Custom Flight Management System (FMS) and Automatic Flight

  • Route, departures and arrivals procedures (SIDs and STARs).
  • Custom LNAV and VNAV. Climb, cruise and descend management with altitude and speed restrictions. ARINC424 instructions support.
  • Save and load route to/from text file.
  • Performance management, with complete VNAV profile calculation, including T/C, T/D, and time, fuel and altitude predictions.
  • Takeoff and approach speed management.
  • Custom Navigation Display with curved transitions and MAG/TRU operation.
  • DFGC, Thrust Rating management (EPR modes) and Flight Mode Annunciator.
  • Aerosoft NavDataPro (2016) included (for updated database third party subscription is needed).
  • DIRECT TO page.
  • LEGS page with RTE DATA extension page.
  • CLIMB page with CLB DIR function.
  • DESCENT page with SPEED/PATH, DES NOW and DES DIR modes.
  • Complete HOLD functionality with entry pattern calculation and Present POS.
  • PROGRESS pages with pilot selectable waypoint. More accurate time and fuel predictions.
  • PERF page with BURN SCHED, WIND/TEMP corrections and calculated remaining fuel.
  • FIX page.

Detailed simulation of systems

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  • WX/TCAS with TA/RA advisories.
  • Power plant: accurate PW-JT8D-219 model, Fuel Distribution, Heat and Quantity Indication, Automatic Reserve Thrust.
  • Electrical: Power Generating and Distribution, APU, Battery Charger, Emergency Power Supply.
  • Hydraulics: Rudder and Elevator HYD/MAN operation, GPS, Reversers and Brakes accumulators.
  • Air: Pneumatics, Air Conditioning and Distribution, Pressurization.
  • Slat/Flap controls with Dial-a-Flap control.
  • Takeoff Condition Computer.
  • Complete Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing simulation.
  • Simulated Tests: DFGC, Altitude, Engine Fire, APU Fire, GPWS, Windshear, Flight Recorder, Voice Recorder, TCAS, Brake Temp, Stall, Anti-Skid, LED/Annunciators.
  • Support for WebFMC
  • Support for TerrainRadar plugin

Pop-up Menu

  • Ground operations page, with GPU/GPS request, doors management, and fuel/cargo/passengers load functions.
  • Fuel & Load page, with load stations according to Weight & Balance manual.
  • Weight & Balance section, with accurate custom CG computing, and Weight/CG predictions for Takeoff and Landing.

Hyper-realistic visuals

  • Highly detailed 3D cockpit, passenger cabin and exterior model.
  • Normal and specular maps for enhanced detail.
  • Thorough HD day and night textures.
  • Accurate animations, including wing flex animation.
  • All external and internal lights.


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  • A set of ten ultra-high resolution liveries, including a paintkit.

Custom sounds

  • 3D sound engine with stereo and doppler effects.
  • High quality multi-layered engine sounds.
  • Wind and control surfaces sounds.
  • Cockpit ambient and custom alerts.


You may ask if you want to spend $59.95 for an old airplane like the MD-80. The cockpit is a bit disappointing, but physics and the overall look of this airplane is worth $59.95! Yes it looks a bit pricey for $59.95, but trust me you will be amazed.

You can buy Rotate MD-80 from the X-Plane store for $59.95.

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