RWDesign Cessna C510 Citation Mustang Released for X-Plane

RWDesign has released their Cessna C510 Citation Mustang addon for X-Plane simulator.

First flight of the Cessna C510 Citation Mustang was back in 2005 and Cessna build almost 500 of them to date. It is a very popular business jet.

RWDesign included very cool features like Interactive 3D passengers or FMOD sounds recorded from real-world aircraft and many others. You can check all of them below.

Feature List

  • High resolution 3D model
  • 4K texture and normal maps for greater realism of materials
  • Librain support (optional)
  • VR support with large levels of VR configuration for greater VR ergonomics
  • Aircraft sounds recorded from real C510s and powered by FMOD
  • Superior interaction with the aircraft through scroll wheel support and popups (Multi Checklist, Weight and Balance Manager, MFD Controller, Menu)
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics
  • Customized G1000 powered by Laminar
  • Custom electrical, fuel, warning, testing, and autopilot systems
  • Interactive 3D passengers
  • Highly customized night lighting
  • Always fly with the latest version with the STMA Auto-updater

You can buy the RWDesign Cessna C510 Citation Mustang addon for X-Plane from the X-Plane Store for $30.00.

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