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SayIntentions.ai Partners with Navigraph for Better Data

SayIntentions.ai has announced a partnership with Navigraph to give users better data when taxiing, promising “no more excuses” for bad data. Navigraph is a subscription service that provides access to real-world airport charts and updated aeronautical data for flight simulators. It has improved over the years, now with weather overlays. The popular flight planning tool, Simbrief, was also made by the same people.

What is SayIntentions.ai?

SayIntentions.ai is a custom ATC program that uses AI. The program replaces the default Asobo ATC and significantly overhauls the system. It supports GA, VFR, and IFR flights with global coverage. They use AI for realistic ATC communications and it has 200+ “highly immersive” voices. Brian, the CEO and lead developer, was kind enough to sit down with FSNews in an interview here to detail more about SayIntentions’ ambitious plan.

SayIntentions UI, Navigraph

SayIntentions.ai + Navigraph Partnership

The developers say they have faced several hurdles in the development process. To fix lingering issues with airport data, they have partnered with Navigraph. SayIntentions.ai is already partnering with Navigraph for more accurate airspace and frequency data. This new, deeper partnership now gives them access to Jeppesen taxi data as well. Jeppesen charts are highly accurate and are available for most airports. According to the developers, this new data will allow for more accurate and refined taxi experiences.

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However, this data is only accessible to those who have a subscription to Navigraph Charts. This means if you don’t pay for the service, then you will have to still rely on the current data from existing sources. This won’t affect your experience much but you’ll just have less accurate data for taxing. This is also a first for Navigraph as it’s the first time their data has been licensed to a third party.

Other Updates

To ensure that even non-Navigraph subscribers have a pathway to correct taxi data, SayIntentions.ai has also announced a new taxiway editor. This editor allows users to edit, customise and share airport data with other pilots. You can select any airport and customise its taxi profiles to enhance your realism when taxing. The taxi editor is available to everyone so you will have access to good taxi data no matter what.

Taxi Editor SayIntentions.ai

They have also added one new feature to the program. This is a frequency autotuner, which is also completely optional. This new feature allows you to prepare your next frequency after receiving the call from ATC to change. No additional software is needed for this feature.

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You bind a key in MSFS to swap the frequencies and when ATC gives you the next frequency, it will be automatically put on standby. All you have to do is press the bound button and swap between the frequencies. More info on this feature will come in their next blog post.

The new data will be available for Navigraph subscribers soon, according to the developers. They promise even more news upcoming in their next Thursday developer live stream, so you can keep up to date with news on this program, here on FSNews

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